Daca Tours

The Mandurah City Yamaha & KTM Team Are a Proud Supporter Of DACA Tours.


Daca Tours is a West Australian Owned and Operated Compnay. Our Commitments is to provide a high quality, Small group motorbike tour experience of a lifetime.

Our specialised tours will provide you with the opportunity to experience the magnificent Western Australian outback and its unspoilt, unridden remoteness. We are professional and passionate about everything we provide.

DACA TOURS Motor Bike Adventures will take you into the heart of the Great Victoria Desert & to the edge of the cliffs above the Southern Ocean, to the world famous Ningaloo Coast via one of the biggest rocks in the world, Mt Augustus and an epic desert run to the must see outback of Australia.

You’ll be guided by our expert lead riders to all these amazing locations followed by our fully equipped support truck & back-up vehicle. 

 All of our tours are remote, and to access these amazing locations safely requires meticulous route planning, preparation and years of riding them. We are all about the riding and we know you will be amazed at what the outback has to offer.

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Note: Without providing a VIN, parts ordered may not fit your motorcycle. Incorrectly ordered parts will be subject to Dealer’s refund policy.