Triple your fun, convenience and style on a Yamaha Leaning Multi Wheeler.

As far back as 1977, Yamaha conducted research into leaning multi-wheeled vehicles (LMW) with two front wheels using the Passol scooter as a base. The goal was to produce a vehicle that shares the leaning characteristics of a motorcycle but with the added grip offered by two front tyres. After some 40 years of development the technology was introduced on the Tricity scooter and during that process, testers realised the system’s potential for sport riding and touring. The main advantages of the parallelogram link front end include:

• Up to 40% extra front end grip
• Almost 20% extra stopping power
• The ability to apply the front brake when leaning
• Higher stability and more confidence when tipping into corners
• Deep 45 degree lean angle
• 50:50 weight distribution with rider
• High levels of comfort especially with a pillion

Yamaha's free wheelers offer you a passport to fun and freedom - times three.

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